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GIVE GOSPEL (GG) is a Native Ministry (founded by Pastor Rabindra Harijan in 2010) working in Boarder line of India and Nepal among Boarder people who have never ever had opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. GGM Target People are under Privileged, untouchable people groups, marginalized people and minorities groups.  
According to Census, more than 99% of boarder line people have never heard about living God and also no involvement of any Christian Organization in these areas. People living in these groups are victims of untouchability, racial discrimination, Superstitions, polygamy Systems, Child Labor, Extreme poverty, Suppression and exploitation.  These people are Socially, Economically, Physically, Politically and Culturally exploited.  It is due to Hinduism.

Thus, God spoke to Pastor Rabindra “Rabindra, GO and GIVE MY Gospel to these MY People” so hearing Voice from Lord, Rabindra has started reaching door to door and communities to communities with Gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Founder and Director:

Rabindra Harijan (MA in English and Professor at Tribhuvan Campus, Belatari) is Senior Pastor of Give Gospel Church, Somani - 2 Nawalparasi. He is Lead Pastor of 12 Assistant pastor working in GG Church with 7 Branch Church in boarder area both in Nepal and India. He has 3 different Speaking Language Fellowship. He is involved in many NGOs and National Level Christian unions.

Pastor Rabindra Testimony:

“At the age of 13, he became sick for 7 years and at last became blind for 22 days and finally died. His dead body was taken out from home in a cot. All the people were crying. Meantime, a Christian prayed and poured prayed water in his mouth and departed from there. After 4 hours, he rose from death. His first word was JESUS. Since then he has been doing ministry.”

Vision of GG Ministry:
1.      Give Gospel to more than 30,000 people a year.
2.      Feed 300 Street Children a year.
3.      Produce 10 Missionaries a Year and send.
4.      Distribute 1,000 Bibles a Year to those who love Word but cannot afford because of Poverty.
5.      Plant 5 Churches every year.
6.      Give Vocational Training to Poor Communities like, Sewing and Tailoring Training, Candle Making, etc.
7.      Distribute Evangelistic Tools to Missionaries like, Bicycle, Motorbike, Torchlight, Bags, and Shoes etc.

Current Activities:

·         Sponsoring 30 Semi Orphan Children US$ 10 per Children every month.
·         Distributing Bibles and warm Blankets to Poor
·         Providing Hand Pumps to poor Communities around boarder.
·         3 month Basic Leadership training

How can you make difference?
1)     By Prayer: - Make a Cell Prayer Group in your Church or Family especially for GGM VISION.
2)      By Visiting: - Bring as much as mission minded people to see our ministry in Nepal and help work in Mission Field. (Train and Equip Leaders and Churches)
3)    By Giving:- Giving is not Expenses its Investment into Kingdom of God. By Giving MONTHLY / ONE TIME / YEARLY financial offering.

Where does your offering go?

GGM believes in accountability both with God and Givers. We provide financial report quarterly to our donors and investor.  Every Single $ goes in Sending Missionaries, Feeding Street Children, Sponsoring Orphan and Poor Children, Purchase of Bible, Provide Hand pumps to poor communities, etc.



Name of Receiver: Rabindra Harijan     
Country: Nepal

Name of Bank: Rastriya Banijya Bank.
Account Holder: Rabindra Harijan
Account Number: 333-0000-13912
Branch Office: Bardaghat Municipality, Nawalparasi, Nepal.

Contact Information:

Pastor Rabindra Harijan

Mobile No: +977 98453 57669

Home Address: Somani – 2, Nawalparasi Lumbini Nepal